Weed Grinder Reviews

Weed Grinder ReviewsYou need to use weed grinder because they can make kief or pleasure to every user of it. This can be one of the best grinders because it has very good quality at the same is cheaper than other weed grinder you will find in the market. You can take advantage of going online to find the best weed grinder before getting one for you. The effectiveness, efficiency and also the quality is what matters in choosing a weed grinder.

Below are the review of the weed grinder that you can choose based on the features and the pros and cons.

Royal Herb Grinder


Royal Herb Grinder is made of untainted aluminum that can last longer in finely producing grinded herb.

Fifty aluminum teeth will not dent due to the square teeth unique design of this grinder.

It measures 2.5 diameter jumbo sized and contains 4 pieces as reviewed on weedgrindershop.com.

This has the strong neodymium quality of magnets that can keep herb to fall out while using Royal Herb Grinder.

The product has a lifetime warranty. So be sure to keep in mind the necessary requirements once the product did not work properly.


The product has pollen catcher that can help you collect the materials and for you to gather them together.

Has quality design with very good materials included.


Expensive and many are thinking about buying the Royal Herb Grinder.

There are elders complaining about their difficulty to grip.

Sharp Shredda


The Sharp Shredda is usually made of anodized aluminum with sharp teeth for fine grinding of the herbs.

The product has four chamber designs.

There is pollen catcher and being made with quality.

The price is cheap that you may want another weed grinder for you to choose.


The Sharp Shredda can provide good keif because of the sifter that is made from mesh screen stainless steel.

It has durability that can make the product last longer.

You can grind with no mess because of the pollen filter that it has. You can use the free scraper included for cleaning.

You can use the product with large amount of herbs and quickly grind them with quality.


Cleaning of the Sharp Shredda is challenging due to its small parts.

Price does not match the quality that the product should provide.

There are complaints about low quality of the product.


The best one you can choose among other weed grinders is the Royal Herb Grinder because of the lifetime warranty that it offers meaning unending support to its customers. The pros and cons are all important when you choose the kind of product you prefer. You can take a look of them first and then decide in the end if what suit your requirements in getting the right weed grinders for you. Quality can be your number one requirement and the other could be the price and also the support it can provide. It should benefit you more than any other things. So be sure to check online reviews so you will know if you are choosing the right weed grinder.